Our goal is to build a top global web center -24hws.com (24 hour Web Service).

We have about 500 domain names (registered 1999) including keyword have all the countries, 50 States, China’s 30 provinces, cities, and various industries categories (yellow pages key words).

24hws.com ( main site), will have 500 channels/page/web sites, each with own domains. Many group of sub main sites, countries, states, China, Medical, E-com, Education, Communicate, yellow pages, travel, MLM, payment and online banking systems (ATMs.com) Etc. hosting at difference location by Amazon Web Service. Each website is independent but associated with our primary website 24hws.com

Whatever user interested there countries, states or various industries, can directly enter the website.

Each web sites provides unlimited sub-domain names, build a great sites, create an online store, and even list it.

The second project is to build a comprehensive medical and health web sites medprc.com (medical main site, one of the sub main site with 24hws) will have 60 medical domains/websites, also each sites provides unlimited sub-domain names, and web site builder. The system will have all the medical categories and disease symptoms, from SURGERY to PHYSICIAN , RADIOLOGY to diagnosis; from cancer to DIABETES etc, for online preventative healthcare, consult, diagnosis and education and international exchange.

The third project is to build “United Nation” sub main sites, all the countries have own sites with own domains. provides unlimited sub-domain names, build a great sites, and have Gov. platform.

The fourth project is to set up a payment and online banking system,
money transfer, with ATMs.com, service own’s 500 sites.

We could have 500 project.
Each domain could be a project, Indiaok.com, MEXICOOK.COM or chinavip.org— SZBF.com, 36ji.com could be a Communicate sites, cnedu.com be a education site.

We are willing to work with you to provide project, domain and hosting, to become a channel or sites co-founders.

Uniquely Systematic Domain Name, Global unlimited expandable – The New Global Web Center-24hws.com

This is the project could service billions people around the world, could service various industries, could bring a lot of job opportunity, and may change the internet world.





Please register first then chose the sites or domains name you interested,send us your resume,we will back to you ASAP. Thanks!